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Patents, Utility Models, Designs, Trademarks
We assist you with strong patent procurement so that your patents can be practically used in business, applicable to actual products, free from unknown infringement by third parties, and easy to license.
International Applications
Circumstances may arise where exported products are involved in patent disputes in the destination countries. Judicial trials in foreign countries can be extremely time consuming and expensive. Avoidance of unexpected international problems begins with the filing of international applications. Filing is the first step to procuring international rights and making your patent work for you. Today it is not unusual for Japanese companies to receive royalty earnings from patents in foreign countries under licensing agreements.
Intellectual property cases in Japan
Wrongful acts by others are often easy to see. For example, let's say you own a tract of land and someone comes and builds a house on your land and lives in that house. It is easy to see the wrongful conduct. Or, let's say you own a car and someone takes and drives your car without your consent. Again, it is easy to see the wrongful actions. By contrast, intellectual property rights infringement is invisible. Also, your intellectual property rights are offensive, not defensive. So, it is up to you to enforce your rights. We will assist you with policing your rights, enforcing your patents, preventing others from stealing your intellectual property and royalty collection on your valuable intellectual assets.
Patents, Utillity Models      Trademark
Papers, Publications, Seminars
Yamaguchi & Associates has presented a large number of papers, publications and seminars, both in Japan in other countries. Examples of publications include those on patent business, trade secret and comparison advertising, some of which have been translated into Korean. Examples of papers include those on trade dress, questionnaire evidence, obviousness decisions in the USA, and many others. We also hold seminars on a variety of topics including patent practices in the US, practical use of US patent law, and patent practices in China.
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